Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Frida, Halloween and Dia de los Muertos

I hope you all enjoyed Halloween. It is by far my favorite holiday! And I love to acknowledge Dia de Los Muertos as well. This year for Halloween I chose to dress as the artist who inspires me, and I hoped it would teach the children  little something too. Here is my rendition of Frida Kahlo. Do you like my monkey?

Some of the more interesting guesses from adults were Carmen Miranda (do you see any fruit on my head?) and a flamenco dancer. I guess we could all brush up on our art history! The funniest thing happened too. I have recently met another woman in town named Paula, who is an artist, a parent, and is preparing for the Praxis exam to become certified to teach art. Her son happens to be in my daughter's class this year. We both participated in the kids' Halloween party at school and both decided to be, you guessed it Frida! Paula had a monkey on her costume too. So funny!

What a blast! We joked that we planned to be the portrait of two Fridas. I was named Frida with freckles. Paula called us the gang of Fridas. We dressed up a second time and met just to document our great minds thinking alike. You can never have too many Fridas! Did anyone else dress up for Halloween and art history? Are there any other Fridas I should know about? You could join our gang. Good luck on your exam Paula!

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