Saturday, May 8, 2010

Daughter Pupils

My first art students were my daughters. As I mulled over the idea of becoming an art educator I decided that some practice would be in order. We are an artistic family to begin with. We paint, draw, visit museums, use sketchbooks etc. So I asked the girls if they would be interested in helping me feel out a couple of art lessons, and of course they said yes. One of my first goals was to get an interview for an art teacher position. Some teacher friends suggested I have lesson plan examples at the ready for an eventual interview. 

 I was also thinking about themes for each series of art lessons I would give. The first one I wanted to try was a World Art course. Here are our first projects as students and teacher in our Positive Space! It was interesting to think about and discuss the subjects that could be included within the art lesson. Our first project was an Aboriginal inspired painting. We could discuss geography and point to Australia on a world map. My older daughter has studied Native Americans— what about native people of other parts of the world? We also talked about what animals were indigenous to Australia. We then discussed earth tones, use of limited palette, lines and pattern, the purpose of the paintings, etc.  

It was a learning experience to plan a lesson, have materials and discussion ready, and to learn to be ready for the unexpected— paper towels anyone? For this lesson we used tempera paint in black, white, red, and orange, 9x12 construction paper in various skin tones to represent tree bark, sand etc., paint brushes and q-tips. Not all art materials need to come from the art supply store!

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