Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cityscape Prints

We have been working on a printmaking & collage series in class and have produced some gorgeous cityscape prints. I took this lesson directly from Miss Tabarcea's blog. Her videos are a great lesson in class room management, instruction, incorporating vocabulary and creativity. Thanks to her!

We started by creating the buildings to appear in the background of the city by printing out shapes with matboard scraps dipped in white tempera paint. When dry, we added the foreground buildings in a dark gray. After all buildings were completely dry, we added color to our cityscapes using chalk pastels and blending with Q-tips. I suggested using the brighter/darker colors for the foreground buildings and lighter colors for the background. The kids were truly inventive and added things like water towers, clothing lines, graffiti and people to their images. The addition of color made the works so expressive and full of depth. The printed lines were still visible through the layer of pastels, helping the images to really resonate. Enjoy!

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