Thursday, October 6, 2016

Art Teacher Finds: Spokane Schools!

A few weeks ago, my family and I traveled to Washington state for a long overdue visit with family. We flew into Spokane International Airport, and I received the best welcome an art teacher could hope for! As we walked wearily jet-lagged from a full day of flying, we noticed some large glass display cases up ahead.

 As we got closer, I could see that the top of the cases read "Artwork by our Students" and "Spokane Public Schools." Inside were wonderful pieces made by middle school students: sculptures, altered books, collages and more.

Thank you to the middle school students of Spokane Schools, and to their art teachers! And thank you to the Spokane community for sharing the art of your children with all of us weary travelers. A little recognition for the arts goes a long way!


Colleen MacIver said...

Thank you for such a nice post. Our district PR person alerted me to your post. The kids worked really hard on these projects, and I will share your blog with them.
Colleen MacIver
Art Teacher, Spokane Public Schools

kristy said...

As the person responsible for Spokane Public Schools' airport art displays, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I am thankful to work for (and have my daughter attend) a district that values the Arts, and love having the opportunity to share our students' and teachers' hard work and creativity with the public.
I hope you get to fly into Spokane again soon to see our new displays!

Kristy Mylroie
Communications Specialist
Spokane Public Schools

Renee Collins said...

It is so wonderful to hear from you Kristy and Colleen! And I'm gad that word reached you about how happy your displays made me, and I'm sure so many others who travel into Spokane! Tell your young artists that I say hi and well done!