Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

This has been a trying week for many of us due to Hurricane Sandy. I do hope that my art teacher friends, and blog followers have suffered little damage and that you are safe and well. Our town definitely took some damage! My street had many downed trees and power lines, and was closed to traffic. My home and family are safe, and power returned yesterday, November 5th in the afternoon. 

I have amazing neighbors and we all took it in stride with fireside chats, pot luck meals, outdoor fires, and the kids getting lots of fresh air! We lived on lots of candlelight, fireside chats, and heaps of blankets on the beds at night. No one went hungry, as neighbors took turns hosting dinners of whatever they could cook or provide. Halloween was postponed for a week and then canceled altogether, but we had tricks or treat on the block and a Halloween Party anyway!

So I am just checking in, wishing you all well, and letting you know that my art blogging life will continue as soon as possible. Please be safe and my thoughts are with you.


Jen Carlisle said...

So glad to hear all are safe...

Phyl said...

Glad you are safe; so many bloggers have been effected by this storm. It sounds like your spirits are good. Please continue to keep us posted.