Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reflections on NAEA Convention: Classes

As part of my convention experience, I decided to try two classes for a small fee. Overall I had a good experience. My first choice was a class on Sumi-e Painting. Although it was a challenge to teach this technique in one class, I did learn a lot, and was given lots opportunity to practice. Here are some of my attempts at various subject matter. I know, I know, I need practice! But I do think I would be better equipped to give a lesson to the kids having had this experience.

The second class I chose was Creating with Beautiful Stuff. It was based on a book by the same name. This is something I have already done with my students in various ways and thought I might get a bit more insight by taking the class. I was mistaken, but I did take this class with a friend, and did have a good experience overall. Below you can see some works in progress, my abstract collage, and a beautiful figurine created by my friend and fellow teacher Paula.


Patty Palmer said...

Thanks for the insight. I have thought about going to a National Convention for a few years now and I couldn't seem to find anyone who actually went. I think first hand accounts are so much better than the brochures!
Loved your sumi drawings.

Renée Collins said...

Hi Patty:

It really was a wonderful experience! But I think I would only attend again if it is within a drive or a train ride's reach. The added expense of air fair and hotel would be a deal breaker for me. You know, on top of convention fees, food, purchases, museum visits, travel, babysitting, days off from work etc. YIKES!

Marcia said...

I went too. I would have loved to meet you. I was just looking through a box of random odds and ends and thought "what should we do with this?". I think those collages would be nice.

Phyl said...

I was there too. Erica (art project girl) and I went to a paid workshop too - the only one that was still available when we signed up - it was a lei-making workshop. I'll admit I was skeptical but I figured it would be fun to play with flowers and I wanted to be sure to have a hands-on experience since we art teachers all know we like that the best! We didn't use flowers at all; we used an eyelash yarn, and the 2 presenters were actually AUTHENTIC - art teachers from Hawaii, so the information and insight was much more than I actually expected. And it was EASY - if I wasn't retiring it would be very simple to adapt for kids; as matter of fact Erica indicated she was going to try it with recyclable grocery bags. I wish I could have had more hands-on time and I'll admit I was disappointed in some of the workshops I attended - I expected a real high caliber since it's NATIONAL - but all-in-all I loved the experience and would love to be able to finance it again. I was able to take the train. I loved that the museums were offering free admission, but in the end trying to schedule your time got so complicated that the only one I got to was MoMA.

Art Project Girl said...

The lei one was okay, I was hoping for some more creative ways to make leis, simple clay solutions ehhhhhhhhhhhhh, totally missed the mark, first there were no simple solutions, second it was all about tracers eek. A bunch of art teachers and tracers. Of course I didn't trace an owl on my tile and instead made a picture that resembled a pair of boobs. Oh well. I was really disappointed with the paid workshops. I think it was hard work to find the right stuff at the NAEA. I found a lot of great speakers etc. but I had to really push myself to go to 10 to find 2 good ones. The more I think about it I would rather go to Anderson Ranch in CO or someplace like that for the money. Just my overall impression.