Sunday, June 26, 2011

My First Cupcake!

During one of my last days subbing in the art room, I was given my first cupcake. In our district children can bring in a small treat for their birthday, and they sometimes are allowed to pick one or two staff outside of the classroom to visit and share their treats with. I had a girl in the art room earlier in the day, who decided to visit me with her treat in the afternoon. I asked her if she remembered that her art teacher was absent, and she said " I know, I brought it for you." It totally made my day! I know there are many of you who have had their fill of cupcakes, but it's not the cake really. It's the thought! I was very thankful and told her that I would let her teacher know that she visited. And that I would eat the cupcake on her behalf--Yummy!

Here are some cupcake sculptures inspired by Wayne Thiebaud made using model magic. I can't remember which blog I saw them on specifically. The bottoms were made with flexible cupcake molds, and the icing was a basic coil. Then the children got to add cherries, sprinkles etc. to top them off. Enjoy!


Phyl said...

These are so cute. I think I gained 10 lbs from cupcakes in the last week of school. BUT here's a cupcake story:

Two smiling and well-scrubbed kindergarten boys proudly brought me the very last cupcake. It had chocolate icing and sprinkles, and I was CRAVING chocolate, so I took a huge mouthful off the top. Suddenly, I heard a teacher SCREAMING my name from the hallway: "PHYL - DON'T EAT THE CUPCAKE!!!!" She had seen the boys DROP the cupcake UPSIDE DOWN on the stairs (mind you, this was after recess, so the stairs were covered in playground dirt) and had said "you can't feed that to anyone". Evidently they didn't agree, because suddenly she realized where they had gone with the dirty cupcake. My mouthful went into a paper towel,and I rinsed profusely. Now I check them over carefully before I dare take a bite! If I was smarter (and less chocolate addicted) I wouldn't eat them at all.

Phyl said...

Oh my goodness, where did yesterday's comment go? I left a HUGE comment with a funny cupcake story (moral: don't eat the cupcakes!)

Renée Collins said...

Hi. I hadn't published yet, sorry! Too funny. I'll be sure to dust off my cupcakes in the future. LOL!

Doris said...

I too love sharing the art of Wayne Thiebaud with my students in art. I thought you might enjoy seeing a fun creation I'll be doing with my students this year.