Monday, April 4, 2011

The Spinning Motor Drawings

More random acts of art are occurring here at my place after lessons are done! My husband an daughter rigged up a small spinning motor (a garage sale find) with a bunch of my recycled containers saved for art classes, and made themselves a spinning drum. Then all they had to do was attach some paper, break out the markers, and go!

Their experiments included straight and wavy lines, different color groupings, and masking areas before beginning their drawings. Sharpies were the marker of choice. We have quite a collection! Here are a few in the spinning motor series. Enjoy!


Katie Morris said...

What a fun idea!

dmasse said...

very cool!
i need to find myself a spinning machine:)

Janie B said...

How fun! Great new way to create.

Phyl said...

Fun and colorful, and the best is that it was an inventive and imaginative family activity!

Kim said...

And so many things you could do with those papers - from making laminated bookmarks to transfering them to coffee cups! Love it!