Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Trip to the Getty Museum

Part of my recent trip west included a trip to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. The last time I was there my girlfriend took me to the Getty Villa, and it was incredible. But while I was there I found out that van Gogh's Irises was at the Getty Museum and I was determined to see it!

My opportunity arrived this month, and of course I went with family in tow. When we entered the main galleries, my daughters were excited to see a large Giacometti sculpture. They were tugging on me, and shouting "Mom, Mom, it's Giacometti!" I have to say, this was a great moment. We had created sculptures inspired by Giacometti, and they were proud to be able to recognize it, and to get a closer look.

 We checked the daily schedule and my older daughter found that the museum was offering a family sketch class, so we signed up for it. The theme was nature, so we were guided through a gallery of tapestries to sketch, and then out into the gardens of the museum. It was great fun, and the museum provided sketch books, drawing and watercolor pencils for us all to keep. It was such a great experience and so generous of the museum. Bravo Getty!

And yes, I did get to see van Gogh! Along with other great painters like  Pissarro, Degas, Renoir, Cezanne and Monet. It was a great day for art, family and children. I can't stress enough how enriching a trip to a museum can be! Make time to visit and enjoy it with children.

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