Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Year, New Studio

New classes, new opportunities, and new students are getting 2011 off to a great start. A couple of new year resolutions seemed to be in order as well. I've started to finish up the final stages of completing the studio I teach in— with lots of help from my husband. I will finally have my utility sink back, hurray! There are now shelves to hold supplies on hand like brushes, water jars and such, which frees up my counter space. We are replacing the wall to wall carpet (warm and comfy, but not good for dropped paint brushes and spills) with a more durable floor. A final cabinet was ordered, and there are a few last places to paint. I also started an art corner with art related books, puzzles and games.

The best part about the studio is it being full of children to teach!
I am so thankful for this Positive Space.

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