Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recycled Quilt Collages

Okay, one more recycled art project before I mix things up again. The children and I discussed Faith Ringgold, who is well known for her fabric story quilts. I provided lots of fabric scraps from my sewing cabinet and the children cut and pasted their collages onto recycled chipboard-- save the backs of those paper pads! You could also use cereal boxes or corrugated cardboard. As a little reward, they could also add some glitter glue to the collages as a last step.


Katie Gonzalez said...

I love this - will be using it for ideas for our recycled fabric unit this year! What type of glue did they use?

Renée Collins said...

Elmer's Glue did the trick just fine. None of the fabric scraps were too glossy or inflexible. Can't wait to see yours!