Monday, October 8, 2012

Lines that Wiggle Monster Collages

I am currently doing a unit on literacy, and reading children's books to inspire art lessons for my youngest artists. For this project we read the book Lines that Wiggle by Candace Whitman, and then stood up and pretended to be different types of lines.

Then they created a collage based on the cover illustration. First they glued pre-cut shapes to create the image of a monster sitting down to a bowl of spaghetti. They used crayons to decorate the table, the bowl, and their monsters. Lastly, they "drew with glue" to create the wiggly lines of spaghetti in the monster's mouth, the bowl and spilling onto the table. After drawing they covered their glue lines with black glitter and added googly eyes. To add skills to this lesson you could make templates to trace and cut the monster, it's mouth and the bowl.

Did I mention that my favorite part of this lesson was getting to hear everyone's pronunciation of the word spaghetti? So cute! Pasketti monsters have a lovely ring, don't you think?